What Meets the Eye - EXPOSURE Photography Festival 2018

Chris Malloy and Philip Kanwischer
February 3rd to February 28th, 2018
Opening Reception: 
Saturday February 3rd, 1-4pm (Chris Malloy in attendance)

Chris Malloy is a photographer who documents vignettes of the past found within the context of today’s landscape. His anachronistic scenes present human elements which are chronologically out of place in their environment. Drawing from the aesthetic of cinema, the cover of night brings a sense of quiet solitude to the images, hence the title of this series 'Vernacular Nocturne'. Chris works with a combination of medium and large format film and digital imagery.

Philip Kanwischer often combines photographic and sculptural components to dramatize human impact on the natural environment, Philip’s work proposes unlikely narratives in which the genre and methods of wildlife photography are implicated. He often spends days out in the wild, working to build a relationship with the land and its inhabitants, enacting the romantic notion of being able to live side by side with animals and nature. Philip is currently attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax where he is completing a Masters in Fine Arts.