David Foxcroft

Influences come from many sources, so too does inspiration, the latter being the most fleeting.  It has been a long standing tradition of the artist working alone in the studio, to produce something that reflects private thoughts.  This is only one state, we don’t live alone and don’t think alone, experience is tied to other people, observations and history.

I am always attempting to build upon the creative trajectory of art history and its influences towards the present.  My work has to do with the hybridization of the art disciplines, such as photography, painting, and sculpture, and the processes in exploring the boundaries and framing of the single subjectivity in the making of art.  David Foxcroft

Table of Contents, Mixed media, 58 in. x 53 in
Totem, (Mountain Eater), Mixed media, acrylic, 98 in. x 39 in
Architectural Dig, Magazine Cut-out, 10.5 in. x 8 in
Corral (Self portrait), Mixed media, 39.5 in. x 49.25 in
Commuter, Mixed media, 53 in. x 57.75 in
Looking Back, Mixed media, 40 in. x 30 in
Moving Painting, mixed media, acrylic, 62 in. x 49 in
Turning Inside Out, Mixed media, 28 in. x 22 in
Scaffold, Mixed media, 53 in. x 39.5 in
The Studio Shaman, mixed media, 48" x 27" x 2.5"
The Machinist, mixed media, 48.5" x 19" x 5.5"
Alley, mixed media, 54" x 8" x 8.5"
Castor, Mixed Media, 40" x 40"