David Foxcroft - Reconfigured - Painting-sculpture

DAVID FOXCROFT – Artist Statement

As a painter I find it challenging to use the written language to offer insights about a form of communication that is purely visual. Any work of art presents itself “as is”, a visual metaphor, and one whose meaning is entirely contained within the pictorial structure.

For this I feel can best be understood and appreciated through my modus operandi, which has been determined through my experimentation with media and compositional structures all the while embracing chaos.

The evolution of any given work, involves the hybridization of painting, sculpture and photography of both interior and exterior spaces.

The methodology at this point starts with a diverse mass of photo pieces as raw materials and through a long period of trial and error in sorting and selecting images this then becomes the arrival point of building the collage. Wherein I employ a strategy based on a random application of chosen material, a kind of stacking and covering of elements, enroute to the realization of the significant form and meaning in the construction of an idea. This has also lead to a whole new set of image making possibilities.

Many of the larger works have their beginnings in the form of a small collage. From there a transformation takes place which includes enhancing details, modification of scale, format, position of the image and intervention of a plastic nature on the base images, modification of color and texture, and superimposing other photographs within the composition.

Three dimensional and two dimensional elements affixed to the surface create a symbolic play between the literal nature of the support and nonliteral painted surface.

The work is a pictorial architecture, a construction. Integral to the work are the material differences and contradictions, but also similar associations are present to further the viewer’s involvement in any given piece.


David Foxcroft graduated in 1977 from the Alberta College of Art in Fine Arts with a major in painting. Since that time he has been awarded numerous project grants from Canada Council and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. His work is published in: Young Contemporaries ’80, London Regional Art Gallery; A Measure of Success, the Alberta College of Art, 1985; Artists of Alberta, the University of Alberta Press, 1980, and Made in Calgary: An Exploration of Art from the 1960s to the 2000s, Glenbow Museum. In addition to his prolific artistic career, David has owned The Edge Gallery (Calgary/Canmore) and FrameCo Custom Picture Framing in Inglewood, Calgary. His work is found in many private collections in Canada and abroad, as well as corporate and public collections such as Canada Council, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, University of Lethbridge, Alberta College of Art and Design, and Bow Valley College.

David’s work has been displayed in commercial galleries, such as Paul Kuhn Gallery, Jarvis Hall Gallery and The Edge Gallery (Canmore). As well his work has been exhibited in public galleries and museums: Made in Alberta, Museum of Contemporary Art (Calgary), Made in Calgary, Glenbow Museum and the Nickle Galleries, Calgary and a solo exhibition, A Timely Survey at The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Alberta.