Judith Zinkan

“The Purpose of Life is to Remember” Henry Miller

When I heard this quote it occurred to me that I spend my life painting, to remember; a moment, this place, that person, colors and textures redolent of experience; the heat of the summer garden, shimmering moonlight on a northern lake, a bouquet of flowers in the dead of winter.  Souvenirs of time caught in a web of paint.

My still life work has evolved into an impressionistic style.  The perspective is illusive, and deceives the viewer into a sense of definition, through simplified shape, color and texture of the paint creating a complexity to the artwork.

Beautiful Dawning, Oil on board, 11" x 14"
Churlish Sky, Oil on board, 9" x 12"
Nocturne Shore, Oil on board, 12" x 16"
Nosehill, May 8, 2008, Oil on board, 16" x 24"
Emma Scraped, Oil on board, 6" x 8"
Nosehill, April 20, 2009, Oil on panel, 18" x 24"
Back of the Bust with Tulips, Oil on board, 16" x 12"
Glad's Vase, Oil on board 16" x 12"
Lavendar Urn, Oil on board, 14" x 11"
Purple and Gold, Oil on board, 14" x 11"
Shapely, Oil on board, 14" x 11"
Signs of Spring, SOLD
All the Bouquets, Oil on board, 24" x 18"
Conch-a-dor, Oil on board, 14" x 11"