Kate Mountford

"Our landscape provides an enormous scope for creation and interpretation. Within each element of the earth lies a historical and cultural significance. Wrapped within a landscape, our emotional and spiritual connections to a space reveal to us more than our eyes can comprehend. After exploring the world through the lens of a camera, I use sensory memory to recreate the images into emotionally and visually compelling narratives. The digitally rendered imagery juxtaposed with such a natural subject matter begs to be unfolded and scrutinized. Nature has been controlled by technology to express what a ‘straight’ photograph never could. These elements combined portray the ironical and seriousness of our interactions with the natural world around us, and seeks to express ambiguous narratives for individual interpretation. Whilst being sumptuous to the eye and transient in expression, the work attempts to inflict a deep visceral and visual response within the viewer. These works are born through experimentation, memory and an interpretive deciphering of the environment around us. Created from Canada’s wilderness, the images pay homage to the environment that has shaped our cultureso greatly and offers a representation of the beauty it beholds." Kate Mountford

Fall Away, Digital Print, 1 of 10, 57.5 in. x 25 in
Blue Mountain, Digital Print, 1 of 10, 36 in. x 16.25 in
River, Digital Print, 1 of 10, 22.5 in. x 36 in
Surrounded, Digital Print, 1 of 10, 18 in. x 24 in
Up To The Trees, Digital Print, 1 of 10, 36 in. x 16.5 in
Valley, Digital Print, 1 of 10, 36 in. x 17 in
Winter Trees, Digital Print, 1 of 10, 23 in. x 14 .5 in