Melanie Aikenhead

The bulk of the artist’s work depicts her domestic and urban environments.  Ultimately concerned with figuration, the artist uses painting to challenge both the traditional aspects of the pictorial and the modern derisive approach to figuration.  By using slight alterations to both local colour and compositional guidelines she presents a queer beauty to often overlooked scenery and still lifes.  More recently, a branching out has begun; combining her fondness of the everyday aesthetic with her documentation of travels abroad.  In doing so, the artist has allowed her completed cityscapes of familiar urban environments to inform this newer series of foreign cityscapes.

Shadow, Oil on birch panel, 30" x 24"
In the Woods 2, (Kelowna), Oil on birch panel, 10" x 8"
Inglewood Farewell: Farmer Jones, Oil on Birch Panel, 24" x 18"
In the woods, SOLD
Empty Meter Panel, 2011, oil on birch panel, 30" x 24"
Ferryboat, Oil on birch panel, 10" x 8"
Last Row Victoria Park, SOLD
Mailboxes, Oil on birch panel, 16" x 12"
Handmade, SOLD
Montserrat Rain Station, Oil on birch panel, 24" x 20"
Ce que jaime, (Montreal), SOLD
Network, Oil on birch panel, 20" x 16"
Shadows & Sunlight, (San Francisco), SOLD
No Smoking, Oil on birch panel, 18" x 14"
What once was dangerous, Oil on birch panel, 14" x 18"
Yellow, Oil on birch panel, 16" x 12"
Between Trailers, Oil on panel, 14" x 11"
Victoria Park, SOLD
Camper (Vancouver), 2010, Oil Pastel on Paper, 18" x 23"
Shaded Street (Mexico), SOLD
Banff, SOLD
Steveston Docks, (Vancouver, BC), Oil on birch panel, 8" x 10"